Abjosh | Munnaka 250g


afghan Munakka Drakh | Minka Kishmish | Suggested to soak overnight | Helps in increasing appetite

Munnaka is a delicious and nutritious dried fruit that is loved by people of all ages.

Munnaka is a special kind of kishmish that is known for increasing immunity and supporting digestion.

Our Munnaka is sourced from the finest quality fruits, which are carefully handpicked and dried to preserve their natural sweetness and nutritional value. We ensure that our Munnaka is free from any additives or preservatives, so you can enjoy it in its purest form.

Munnaka is not only a tasty snack, but it also offers a range of health benefits. It is rich in fiber, iron, and antioxidants,

Our Munnaka is packed with care to ensure that it reaches you in the best possible condition. We also offer fast and reliable shipping, so you can enjoy our delicious Munnaka wherever you are.

So why wait? Order your pack of Munnaka today and experience the delicious taste and health benefits of this amazing dried fruit!

Product Detail

Specialty High in protein
Weight 250 grams
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Storage Instructions Store in a cool and dry place in an air-tight container.
Item Package 1
Allergen Information Some individuals might experience allergic reactions to Munakka. It is important to visit a doctor when symptoms like wheezing, diarrhea
Net Quantity 250.0 grams
Weight .275 kg