Dried Pineapple Rings 250g


Our Dried Pineapple Rings are a tropical delight. With 250g of chewy and flavorful rings, they offer a burst of natural sweetness and tangy goodness. Perfect for snacking or adding a tropical twist to your recipes.

Experience a taste of tropical paradise with our Dried Pineapple Rings. Each package contains a generous 250g of these sun-kissed delights, carefully crafted to capture the essence of juicy, ripe pineapples.

Our fruit is a delightful fusion of natural sweetness and tangy goodness. Carefully selected and dried to perfection, these rings offer a burst of tropical flavor in every bite. The vibrant yellow color and enticing aroma instantly transport you to a sunny beach, immersing your senses in a tropical oasis.

  • Dried pineapple rings are a versatile snack.
  • Savor them as a standalone treat, relishing their tropical goodness as a guilt-free indulgence.

Add them to your breakfast bowls, trail mixes, or yogurt for a burst of flavor and natural sweetness. You can even incorporate them into your cooking and baking endeavors, elevating dishes like stir-fries, salads, cakes, and more with their tropical twist. They are packaged in a convenient bag to retain their freshness and flavor.

Weight 0.275 kg