Fatafat Churan 250g


Fatafat Churan is a popular Indian digestive aid that comes in a powdered form. It is made up of a blend of various natural herbs and spices and is commonly consumed after meals, to freshen the breath. The Fatafat Churan powder is often slightly sweet, tangy, and spicy in taste, and is available in a convenient 250g pack size.

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Fatafat Churan is a popular Indian digestive and mouth freshener made from a blend of different spices and herbs. This unique mixture typically includes fennel seeds, coriander seeds, dried ginger powder, black salt, cumin powder, mint, asafoetida, and various other ingredients, which can vary depending on the recipe.

Fatafat Churan is commonly used after meals to aid digestion, freshen breath, and provide a burst of flavor in the mouth. It is believed to have various health benefits, such as improving digestion, relieving gas and bloating, and reducing acidity.

The blend is typically sold in powder form and can be consumed directly, or mixed with water or other beverages. Some variations of Fatafat Churan may also include sugar or jaggery to add sweetness.

Overall, Fatafat Churan is a popular and tasty way to aid digestion and freshen breathing after meals in Indian cuisine.

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