Jain Bhujia 500g


Jain Bhujia is a popular Indian snack made from gram flour and a mix of spices. This particular version of bhujia is prepared without any onion or garlic, making it suitable for those following a Jain diet or those who avoid these ingredients for religious or personal reasons. The bhujia is crispy and crunchy with a spicy and tangy flavor, making it a perfect snack to enjoy with tea or as a quick bite in between meals. The 500g pack of Jain Bhujia is perfect for sharing with family and friends or for storing for later consumption.

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Jain Bhujia is a popular Indian snack that is made from gram flour, spices, and oil. It is a crispy and savory snack that is perfect for any time of the day. This particular product is a Jain version of Bhujia, which means it does not contain any onion or garlic.

The Jain Bhujia is made using high-quality ingredients and traditional methods of preparation to ensure that it retains its authentic taste and flavor. The gram flour is mixed with spices such as cumin, black pepper, and salt, and then deep-fried in oil until crispy and golden brown.

This snack is not only delicious but also provides a good source of protein and energy. It is a popular snack during festivals, family gatherings, and other celebrations. The Jain Bhujia can be enjoyed on its own or with a cup of tea or coffee. It is also a great snack option for those who follow a Jain diet, which prohibits the consumption of onion and garlic.

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