Shakela Thandi Supari 100g


Supari is a traditional Indian chewable digestive aid made from the seed of the betel palm. It is a mixture of various spices and herbs coated on supari (betel nut) which can be consumed after meals as a mouth freshener and digestive stimulant. This pack contains 100g of supari.

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Supari, also known as betel nut, is a popular chewable item in many cultures. It is commonly used as a mouth freshener and is believed to have medicinal properties as well. Supari is obtained from the areca palm, which is native to tropical regions of Asia and Africa.

Supari is usually consumed after meals and is known to aid in digestion. It is also believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body.

Supari is available in various forms, including whole nuts, sliced nuts, and coated nuts. It is often mixed with other ingredients, such as spices and sugar, to create different flavors. Supari is a popular item in many cultural celebrations and is often presented as a gift to guests.

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