Tikha Amla 250g


Tikha Amla 250g is a spicy and tangy Indian snack made from dried amla (Indian gooseberry) pieces that are seasoned with various spices and herbs. It is a popular and healthy snack that can be enjoyed anytime as a tasty and nutritious treat. The small size and light weight of the packaging make it easy to carry and store, making it an ideal snack for on-the-go or as a quick snack at home.

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Tikha Amla refers to spiced Indian gooseberry or amla, which is a popular snack in India. This tangy and spicy treat is made from amla, which is first boiled and then mixed with a variety of spices such as salt, chili powder, cumin powder, and black pepper. The mixture is then dried in the sun to make it crispy.

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is known for its high nutritional value and is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients. This makes Tikha Amla not only a delicious snack but also a nutritious one.

Tikha Amla is often consumed as a snack or a digestive aid after a meal. Its tangy and spicy flavor adds a zing to the taste buds, making it a popular choice for people of all ages. It is also a popular snack option during long journeys and is widely available in Indian grocery stores and online shops.

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